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1783 Montgomery 1830 Treman 1830 Brown 1830 Treman 1850 Metzger 1850 Smelzer 1850 Treman 1863 Alleman
1865 Van Renssalaer 1870 Langdon 1875 Witherspoon 1880 Cottrell 1883 Langdon 1885 Sellen 1880 Cottrell
1769 Corset 1870 Corset 1875 Corset 1910 Corset

Welcome to THETR 356!

These images constitute the database for the ‘opera bodice’ assignment in which you will learn about costume production by theatrically duplicating one of these period bodices. Clicking on any of these thumbnails will take you to a more detailed view.

Please examine the dresses closely to determine which ones might interest or challenge you. Perhaps you have an interest in a particular era. Perhaps it will be the style of sleeves or the silhouette of a particular dress in our gallery. Have as many as 3 choices selected as we will try to avoid duplicating projects within the class thus allowing a greater exposure to the challenges and solutions inherent within each one.

Click on a dress above to view a larger image, information about the dress, and for a link to the QuicktimeVRs. If you have any trouble viewing the images, check the website technical requirements to make sure you have the necessary browser plugins.