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The site is designed to provide easily viewable and searchable images to teach basic draping techniques. Where appropriate, QuickTime VR images show each process in a format that can be rotated.

Each series of demonstration images for draping a garment is divided into sections and provided with thumbnails so that it is easy to either step through them sequentially or to find the part of the process where you have a question. Some images can be zoomed for a closer look, if you need to see a process in more detail.

The ‘corrections’ sections show VR images of completed drapes, and guide you through a set of choices to demonstrate how to balance the drape on the form.

The ‘fitting’ demonstration uses a combination of VR images and single images to demonstrate the fitting of a garment.

As more demonstrations are completed they will be added to this site.

The development of this site was funded by a Faculty Innovation and Teaching Award given to Susan Ashdown and Richard MacPike in 2003. Many people were involved in constructing the original site and updating it as technology has changed.

Project management: Noni Korf Vidal
Web design: Roberta Militello
Zope application developer: Adam Smith
Photography and draping examples: Soule Golden and Natalie Walsh
Site graphics: Natalie Walsh
Content assitance: Natalia Yuryevna
Transition development: Steve Weidner