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CF neck shoulder

Pin fold to the form, with the crossgrain line at the bustline. Place your top pin pointing down, and your bottom pin pointing up so the muslin does not slip. Place crossed pins at the bustline level. Smooth the muslin keeping the crossgrain parallel to the floor and place crossed pins at the bust point. Smooth muslin upwards from the breast to the middle of the shoulder and pin. Smooth the muslin up to the shoulder/neck intersection. Slash the shoulder seam about 1" away from the neck. Trim muslin at the neck down to about 1" from the neck seam. Smooth the muslin upwards and clip the neckline by placing the point of the scissors on the neck seam. Then fold the fabric above the seam into the scissors. Then close the scissors. Be careful not to let the muslin under the point of the scissors slip. Continue clipping the neckling at about 3/4" intervals. Pin the shoulder at the neck. Pin the Shoulder Point