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sideseam ease waist dart

Remove pin from the easetuck at the armeye.At the bottom of the armhole plate, draw a short curved line. Draw a line down to the pinhead marking the armhole depth. Draw a second horizontal line here.Measure 1/2" for sideseam ease.Draw the sideseam with a ruler, connecting to the bottom of the sideseam at the waist. There is no ease at the waist. Mark the bottom of the sideseam.Slash along the waist from the sideseam to the princess line.Pin a 1/4" ease tuck at waistFold the dart excess towards the center-front. If this excess overlaps the centerline, trim it to within 1" of the dart legs. Mark at the princess line.Bring the first dart mark you made to this mark. Crease-fold the excess fabric of the dart inward. Place the pins perpendicular to the foldline of the dart legs.