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About this Resource

Welcome to the online patternmaking/draping site for Apparel Design and Theatrical Costuming at Cornell University

The development of this site was funded by a grant from the Faculty and Innovation in Teaching Program at Cornell University. The purpose of this grant is to encourage the integration of new technologies into courses at Cornell. In this project we use a combination of image capture and 3D-VR technologies to demonstrate the 3D process of creating clothing that relates to the human form. The tools described here provide the apparel or costume designer with the means to create any shape or silhouette that relates to the complex curves of the human form.

Who is this site for?
This site was designed for the students in FSAD 264: Draping and the students in THETR 356: Costume Construction, but is appropriate for any apparel or costume designer who wants to learn or to refresh his/her memory on draping, fitting, or patternmaking techniques

What is included?
‘Draping and Fitting’ has step by step instructions for draping a variety of pattern shapes on a dress form, for balancing the completed drape on the form, and for fitting a muslin to individual bodies. The two tabs, ‘Clothing in 3D: 18th-19th c’ and ‘Clothing in 3D: 20th c’ have rotatable and zoomable 3D images of historical garments from the Cornell Costume and Clothing Collection. The 18th-19th c garments are the basis for the opera bodice project assigned to the students in THETR 356: Costume Construction.